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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Potatoe Derby

After watching the cub scouts have so much fun with their pinewood derby, the Girls decided we would have one of our own. We added our own little twist of course we didn't use pinewood derby cars we used potatoes. This made the decorating much more interesting. The goal was to have a race at the end. There was one particular adult that just enjoyed this activity sooo much he wanted to race his enormous potatoe bus against all the kids to see how he fared. Although everyone did get a chance to race it was more about building the cars and the decorating them. There were a few rules so we could get them on the track the wheels had to measure a certain width and height from the car but other than that there wasn't alot of stipulations.
In the end if wasn't the big heavy potatoes that went the fastest it was the small low to the track potatoes.

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